A Flexbox Theme for WordPress

Bulma Framework | http://bulmapress.com

Built with Bulma.io Framework

Bulma.io is a CSS/Sass only framework which provides modern, well-structured components. Bulma was created by Jeremy Thomas. Licensed under MIT.

Underscores.me | http://bulmapress.com

Based on Underscores ‘_s’ Theme

Based on the ‘best-practice’ underscores.me starter theme by Automattic (WordPress). Licensed under the GPL.


Mobile First

Responsive layout and typography. Bulmapress aims to follow a best-practice future-proof approach.

Font Awesome

Ready to use Font Awesome 4.7+ icon font kit with over 670 vector icons included. Licensed under MIT.

Open Source

Bulmapress is free of use for personal and commercial projects while compatible with the MIT and GPL license terms.


Lean back and enjoy! Bulmapress supports most Jetpack functions out of the box.


Bulmapress aims to exclude floats where appropriate and uses flexbox patterns instead.


Supports the SASS sources from Bulma.io as well as custom Bulmapress overrides.

Support the Team

Through contributions, donations, and sponsorship, you allow BulmaPress to thrive. Your donations directly support office hours, continued enhancements, and most importantly, great documentation and learning material! Make a Donation.

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